Crime Scene Technician

   Katie is a native of Louisville where she began her career with the Louisville Police Department in 1989 as a radio dispatcher in the communications section. In 1999 Katie was promoted to Crime Scene Technician and over time became a certified KLEC instructor for the Louisville Metro Police Department. She attended the University of Louisville, Dr Henry Lee Institute for Forensic Science at the University of New Haven, the Institute for Police Technology and Management in Pensacola Florida and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee's National Forensics Academy. Katie retired from the Louisville Metro Police Department in 2009. Katie began a new career with the Bardstown Police Department as a Crime Scene Technician in September 2012. Her duties as a Crime Scene Technician include collecting, preserving, documenting and processing evidence at a crime scene or a controlled lab enviorment which includes fingerprinting, photographing and chemically processing evidence left at a crime scene.  Katie will testify in court with officers on evidence collected at the crime scene.