Thank you for your interest in becoming a Bardstown Police Officer. The Bardstown Police Department is currently accepting applications for certified police officers and Police Chief. You can find our application here



Who can be a Bardstown Police Officer? 

A Citizen of the United States

  Who Is 21 Years Old

  That Has A High School Diploma

  Possess A Valid Kentucky Operators License

  College Is Not Required But Is Preferred

  Military Preference Is Given

  Must Pass Several Interviews And Test To Include:

  Physical Agility Tests (POPS Standards)

  Psychological Evaluation

  Polygraph Examination

  In-Depth Background Investigation

  Credit Check

  Drug Screen

  Criminal History Background


The process for the Bardstown Police Department for a new applicant is as follows:

  1.Submit an application to the City of Bardstown (When accepting applications).

  2.The Chief's interview.

  3.Physical agility test- Police Officer Professional Standards (POPS).

  4.Psychological test / Interview.

  5.Agency background investigation to include:

    Military background

    Criminal history background for any criminal offenses

     Credit report

    Education / Special training

    Employment history

    Reference checks

    Over all, in-depth investigation of an applicants character and background.

  6.Drug screening.

  7.Mayor's interview.

  8.Any follow up interview(s).

  9.Selection of candidate.

 10.Conditional job offer.

 11.Successfully complete a 20 week academy at The Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond Ky.

 12. After completing the 20 week academy, you must complete a 16 week field training evaluation with a Police Training Officer.



                              Police Officers Professional Standards (POPS) Physical Agility Test.


POPS consists of the following battery of test:

                         1 bench press repetition ( percent of body weight - conversion)

                                                  Sit up repetitions with a 1 minute time limit.

                                                  300 meter run in 65 seconds

                                                  Push up repetitions with a 2 minute time limit.

                                                  1.5 mile run in 16.15 minutes.


                           For more information click on this link. Physical Fitness Testing Information